How do I brew the best cup of coffee?

3 minutes read
  • Always start with fresh coffee beans.
  • Use the correct grind for the particular brewing method used.

    Type of Grind Brewing Method Looks Like
    Coarse Percolator/French Press Chunky, Kosher Salt
    Medium Auto/Drip Methods Coarse Sand
    Fine Espresso Slightly finer than granulated sugar
    Very Fine Turkish Ibrik Almost Powdery

  • Use fresh, cold, filtered water. Hot water from the tap is flat and stale and usually has chlorine in it. If using water from the tap, let it run for a few seconds before filling your coffee pot.
  • Serve coffee immediately after brewing.
  • Freshly brewed gourmet coffee allowed to sit on a warmer will begin losing flavor immediately. The longer it is held, the less desirable it becomes. Brewed coffee stays fully flavorful for only 20 minutes.
  • Never reheat cooled coffee or allow it to sit on a heat source-the coffee will lose its flavor quickly if the brew begins to boil.