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Jairo Arcila Castillo Natural

This coffee was exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 24 hours, later placed inside plastic tanks for 42 hours to maintain the temperature at 20 degrees and adding CO2. Later placed on raised beds until 18% moisture content is achieved.

Afterward, coffee is placed inside grain pro bags again for 50 hours and later left to dry on raised beds to 10.5% moisture content.

This micro-lot is 100%, Castillo. This varietal was developed by Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros. It is more productive than Caturra and resistant to coffee leaf rust.

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By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Santos SWP Decaf

Brazil is one of the worlds’ biggest producers and exporters of Arabica coffee varietals. Famous for their smooth, chocolate, and nut characteristics with low acidity, Brazilian coffees are a favorite for forming the base of coffee blends.

The term ‘Santos’ is generally used as a way of grading coffee, referring to the higher quality coffee Brazil is known for. The name originates from the port from which most of Brazil’s best coffees are exported and specializes in the Bourbon variety of Arabica.

The SWP process works through diffusion, not osmosis. Initially, green coffee beans were soaked in water until all the caffeine and flavor compounds were extracted. The beans were then discarded, and the solution they created was run through a carbon filter that removed the caffeine, leaving behind only the flavor compounds—what SWP calls its green coffee extract, or GCE.

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By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Jeron Taiyang, Atok

This coffee is produced by Jeron Taiyang from Caliking, Atok in the province of Benguet, planted at an altitude ranges from 1,500 to 1,600 meters above sea level, this roasted coffee is consists of Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra coffee bean varieties.

Enjoy notes of Lime, Nuts, Jasmine Tea.

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