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Indonesia Blue Java Estate
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

The Java coffee is originally from West Sumatra, the trade name is Java Preanger. It was established by Dutch Colonial in the 19th century when the Dutch ruled in the southern area of the province of West Java. The product was traded in large fields in Bandung (the Capital city of West Java), named Preanger Field. Nowadays, the trading place has been changed and developed to be one of the famous hotel in Bandung called Preanger Hotel and the coffee which is grown around the mountains of West Java area traded field is called Preanger Java Arabica. 

After 1945, Indonesians were more interested in growing tea instead of coffee. They changed most of Java coffee fields to tea and they moved coffee fields to East Java area, which most of Java coffee come from. But in the last 5 years, Java Preanger was rejuvenated at Pengalengan Mountain area, West. Now, Java Preanger is spreading across small farms with a total area of 60Ha and an annual production of 60 metric tonnes.

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Burundi Buzira Muruta Triple Washed Raised Bed
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Burundi Buzira Muruta Triple Washed Raised Bed is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Coffee Processing Company (CPC), which was established in 2010 by Salum Ramadhan who was born and raised in the Kayanza province, Burundi. Salum operates 4 washing stations in Kayanza. All four stations reflect Salum’s passion for coffee and his commitment to his community. Lots are meticulously separated fully traceable to harvest date and washing station. Each lot is classified through a strict protocol that includes hand sorting and floating the cherry. Depulped coffee undergoes a three-part fermentation process, 16 hours of dry fermentation, then another 14 hours of fermentation with water, and then washed and soak in fresh water for 10 hours. 

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Indian Thippanahalli Estate
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Known to be the birthplace of coffee in India where Baba Budan smuggled coffee across from the neighboring port of Mocha in Yemen, coffee from the Thippanahalli Estate is grown on some of the highest peaks in the region by sixth-generation planters whose family has a history of 230 years in the district and are pioneers in the coffee plantation. This single estate coffee has a subtle spiciness, nutty overtones and a deliciously rich, chocolatey body.

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