Hilltop Studio

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Hilltop Studio

Hilltop, which means “La Colline” in French, as its concept begins from its facade in 14 Hilltop Drive, located at the heart of Horseshoe, Quezon City.

It is a coffee kitchen studio by Everyday Coffee Roasters, providing the neighborhood coffee and viennoiserie made for the day’s consumption. We envision it to be our avenue to produce good-quality food creations made from our locally-roast coffees and homegrown farm produce.

Hilltop is not a shop, nor is it a factory. It celebrates food and beverage creations, complexity, and ultimate enjoyment; A non-smoking area with a small number of seats tailored for an intimate and private experience.

Have an in-store cafe experience or order online, and we’ll deliver it right at your doorstep. Visit hilltop.everydaycoffee.ph to learn more.

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