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Brazil Ipanema
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Located in the middle of the Mantiqueira mountain range, Fazenda Rio Verde has been in existence for over 100 years, surrounded by virgin forest which has many waterfalls and beautiful hiking trails. This estate is a true natural sanctuary, where coffee occupies just over 40% of the total area. The soil is predominantly clay on a red mineral volcanic base, rich in decomposable material.

This coffee is prepared with naturally dried cherries, which help preserve their sweetness. After drying the coffee is stored in wooden bins for around two months in order to allow its complex flavor to blend, optimizing the internal moisture level of the beans.

Winner of a two star Great Taste Award in 2018 in the Espresso Category. The judges said:

“This was one of those coffees when we all looked at each other and smiled. The description fits what we got - it is all there, a well developed roast with caramel and hazelnuts and a balanced acidity on the finish. A crowd pleaser.”

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LBC COVID-19 Pandemic Delivery Schedule
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Due to pandemic-related restrictions, this is LBC’s new delivery lead-time.

National Capital Region (Origin):

  • SOUTH LUZON: 6~9 days
  • NORTH LUZON: 6~9 days
  • VISAYAS: 8~12 days
  • MINDANAO: 10~14 days
  • PUERTO PRINCESA: 11~14 days
  • BATANES: 27~30  days
  • CORON: 18~20  days
  • BICOL AREA: 7~12 days

Kindly adjust your orders accordingly.

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La Trinidad, Benguet
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

La Trinidad, officially the Municipality of La Trinidad is a 1st class municipality and capital of the province of Benguet. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 129,133 people. The municipality is known for its strawberry plantations. Aside from backyard coffee plantations, some farmers have a wide coffee plantation in La Trinidad.

La Trinidad has a large vegetable wholesale market. La Trinidad also has coffee shops and markets where farmers can sell coffee. YAGAM COFFEE helps a few coffee farmers from La Trinidad in remote areas trade their good coffee at a proper price.

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