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Alvaro Gomez Microlot

Grown by Alvaro Gomez at Finca El Bosque.

This coffee is picked and hand sorted by Alvaro and his family. Later cherries were placed in water tanks for 50 hours, afterward pulped washed, and left to dry on the raised bed until ideal moisture content was achieved.

Mr. Alvaro Gomez joined the Cooperativa de Cafes Especiales de Narino in 2015, that same year he managed to sell his first micro-lot. In 2016, he managed to get his FTO certification. Later in 2018, his coffee came up 2nd in regional competition and since then he is devoted to specialty coffee.

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By Everyday Coffee Roasters

El Tablon de Gomez

This coffee comes from Nariño, which is located in Southwest Colombia, bordering Ecuador. Coffee in Nariño is grown at elevations that reach 2,200 meters above sea level, making it some of the highest-grown coffee in the world. Typically it is difficult to produce coffee at such high altitudes; however, Nariño’s proximity to the equatorial line and steep hills around the volcanoes contribute an angle for sun exposure, creating an optimal microclimate for coffee plants to thrive. The high altitude of cultivation combined with warm tropical days and cools nights allows for slow maturation and development of the coffee cherry, giving time for concentrated sugars to develop in the fruit and resulting in lusciously floral coffees, with intense candied sweetness and complex ripe fruit.

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By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Kalugmanan, Bukidnon

Kalugmanan is a barangay in the municipality of Manolo Fortich, in the province of Bukidnon. This coffee is planted by various farmers on the island of Mindanao on a mountain with an altitude of 800 - 1,400 meters above sea level.

Enjoy notes of Raisin, Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate.

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