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Sulawesi Kalossi Toraja (Indonesia)
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Sulawesi, another of Indonesia’s islands famous for its Arabica coffees. The Island boasts three highland regions producing beautiful Arabicas; Toraja, Kalossi and Mamasa.

Kalossi Arabica is produced in the highlands south of Tanah Toraja in the region of Enrekang. The coffee owes its name to the regions capital city Kalosi. The high altitude and volcanic soil is perfect for growing coffee and the yearly production ranges from 5,000 to 10,000 tons.

All Kalossi Arabicas are produced with washed (giling basah) method used in North Sumatra. This produces a coffee known for its rich, earthy body and smooth finish. The bean features delightful berry flavour notes and an exotic aroma and like other Indonesian coffees, Kalossi Arabica has a very low acidity.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Metro Manila, along with many other parts of the Philippines are now under quarantine, limiting commercial activities to those considered “essential.”

As a commodity provider, we will continue to operate our roastery with enhanced safety measures to deliver coffee to online guests on our regular schedules (case-to-case per area).

In the meantime, we will offer moments of care everywhere we can. we encourage our teams and guests to stay at home with loved ones and take good care of one another so that together we can help flatten the curve of this spread.

We look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.

Thank you and Stay Safe, everyone.

Sincerely yours,
Everyday Coffee Roasters

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Brazil Matas De Minas Corrego Da Limeira
By Everyday Coffee Roasters

Brazil Matas de Minas is sourced from Fazenda Córrego da Limeira, located in Manhumirim, a municipality within the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The estate consists of 331 acres from which 261 acres are planted with coffee within the micro-region of Matas de Minas, which has received praise in recent years for the production of specialty coffee. 

At Fazenda Córrego da Limeira, the coffee primarily dries in the sun on patios and then finished in mechanical dryers to ensure consistent moisture levels are reached. Fazenda Córrego da Limeira produces 3500 bags of coffee a year.

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