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Cascara, also known as Sultana is a traditional drink in Los Yungas of La Paz, Bolivia. Over time, it has expanded to the rest of the country quickly due to the delicious taste & health benefits. It is typically developed by small coffee producers as a way to get the most out of their crops by even using the outer shell of the coffee beans.

This Cascara was harvested from Bolivian Organic SHB EP crops contributed by small holders in the Caranavi region. Cascara - the word for “shell” or “husk” in Spanish - is the dried coffee cherry hull that is normally discarded during processing. The habit of discarding the hull as a simple byproduct was found to be regrettably wasteful, because it can be prepared as a sweet and highly caffeinated tea.

Caranavi, located north of the department of La Paz city,150 kilometers from the capital, is the center of Bolivian coffee production. Its fertile soils and ideal altitude of mountains gave Bolivia the potential to produce fine and unique exotic flavor coffees.

*For best results, use about 18 grams of cascara to 250 grams of 93°C water. Allow it to steep for 5-7 minutes, strain, and enjoy.

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