Leonid Ramirez Washed

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Leonid Ramirez Washed

Leonid Ramirez took a risk, selling most of his personal property to invest resources and time into his coffee which led him to grow and process an impressive variety of Arabica cultivars.

This coffee, for example, was carefully hand-picked to use only the ripest cherries. Later were then fermented for 24 hours (aerobic) with the pulp on then afterward be pulped and dry fermented for 30 hours. Its last process was then gently washed and placed on raised beds for 14 days until ideal moisture content was achieved.

Our exporting partners provide immense support to Leonid Ramirez in his production and processing. Offering advice and improving his farming practices, infrastructure, and processing most of his washed and honey lots locally at the farm level. What makes Leonid Ramirez’s coffee stand out is that he offers his different Arabica cultivars in their range of processes.

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