Kenya AB Tamu Washed

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Kenya AB Tamu Washed

Coffee was first planted in Kenya at the end of the 19th century and introduced to indigenous smallholders in the 1940s. Cup qualities today range from the complex intense citric acidity and berry flavors of coffees grown by smallholders in the Mt. Kenya highlands to the heavy-bodied chocolaty coffees from the estate sector.

In Swahili, the language spoken by most shareholders of this coffee, the word Tamu means sweet. This coffee is a prime example of something living up to its name. This coffee is full of bright clementine notes while also filled with a sweet syrupy body.

In Kenya, Taylor Winch Coffee carefully developed this blend of AB Coffees, bringing us this classic Kenyan coffee. The coffee was grown and picked by smallholders and delivered to cooperative wet mills where it was pulped, fully fermented and washed, and finally sundried on elevated drying tables.

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