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Brazil: Kaparao Pulp Natural

The Kaparao Regional Profile is a result of a project in partnership with Burgeon Specialty Coffee and “Caparao Junior”, a non-profit organization. The project objective is to provide technician agronomists to the development of coffee production in the region, being a mutual benefit to the young professionals’ development as to support the producers on improvements of production. It’s a project with social and environmental positive results as it engages the community at the same time it enhances sustainable production practices. Kaparao Regional Profile creates volume avenues in the “Serra do Caparao” region which produces unique coffees through family labor bringing young generations back to the field through the work on the production and environmental preservation.

The “Serra do Caparao” is a mountainous region, situated in the southwest of Brazil on the states’ border of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santos. A region of unique climate and topography as it’s surrounded by the national park called ‘Parque Nacional Caparao’, a representative area of native rainforest known as Mata Atlantica. In this region, it has been registered the lowest temperatures of both states, Minas Gerais and Espirito Santos. A microclimate that promotes the production of high-quality coffee due to the slow maturation of the cherries and as a result a later harvest up to November/December known as ‘Flowers of March’.

The Kaparo Regional Profile developed by Burgeon Specialty Coffee is a bridge that creates an avenue of volume to small producers while at the same time assures quality and consistency to the roasters.

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