The Ultimate Guide to Dessert Degustation

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Introduction: What is a Dessert Degustation?

A dessert degustation is a tasting of various desserts.

Dessert degustations are becoming more popular in recent years as they offer a unique experience for customers who want to try different desserts without ordering them separately and help chefs showcase their skills.

A dessert degustation menu varies, but it can cost as little as P2,000 for a three-course dessert degustation menu. But at other restaurants, it can cost as much as P6,000 for a six-course dessert degustation menu.

What to Expect When Going for Dessert Degustations?

A degustation menu is a tasting menu of dishes served one by one. It is usually more formal than a regular menu, and the food is generally in smaller portions. The menu typically has six to eight dishes, starting with an amuse-bouche or small bite-sized hors d'oeuvre.

The guests then go through the main course, which consists of three or four courses. The first dish has no description, and the guests are encouraged to taste it before they know what it is. The other dishes have menu descriptions, and often there will be some discussion between the guests and the chef before they start tasting them.

Different Types of Dessert Degustations

There are two main types of dessert degustations:

1. A tasting menu where the chef chooses a selection of desserts, usually three or four, to be served at the end of the meal.

2. A dessert buffet where guests can choose their desserts from a selection usually displayed on a table.

The main difference between these two types of dessert degustations is that there is more control over what kind of desserts and how many will participate in a tasting menu. However, in a buffet-style dessert degustation, guests can choose as many as they want, allowing for more creativity with flavors and textures.

How the Chef Selects the Menu?

The Chef selects the desserts for the degustation menu based on criteria.

What is the Chef looking for in a dessert?

- The Chef considers how many courses guests will participate in on the degustation.

- The Chef wants to balance sweet and savory flavors.

- The Chef wants to showcase seasonal ingredients.

- The Chef wants to balance textures and temperatures (i.e., hot and cold).

How Long Does it Take to Complete Your Degustation Menu?

Dessert degustations are a great way to indulge in all your favorite desserts, but they can be time-consuming. They require a lot of time and patience. It is best to have patience, as you will not regret it.

Many people are curious about how long it takes to complete the dessert degustation. Many want to know if they can finish the entire thing before their stomachs start hurting from overindulgence. The answer is that it varies depending on what kind of dessert you order and how quickly you eat them.


Dessert degustation is not just about the dessert. It is a journey that starts with the first dish and ends with the last one. It is a journey of taste, texture, and flavors.

This article has shown you that desserts are not just for eating but for exploring different textures, tastes, and flavors. If you want to enjoy desserts properly, try out this dessert degustation experience at your next meal!

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