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Masha coffee comes from Masha Woreda Yeppo Village, a coffee farm owned by world-renown running champion Haile Gebrselassie. The land was a gift from the Ethiopian government in thanks for his achievements representing Ethiopia. Among his accomplishments, Haile is a two-time Olympic champion, a four-time World Champion, and the holder of 27 world records for distances from 1,500 meters to the marathon.

Haile transformed the 1,500 hectares into a stunning coffee farm with 200 hectares of dedicated conservation forest land, through which the Gahamay and Bosoko rivers run. The farm has 46 identifiable plots, each with specific planted varieties and processing methods. And in addition to following socially and environmentally friendly practices and meeting the requirements for Organic, Rainforest Alliance certification and other certifications, Yeppo Village offers local coffee farmers training opportunities in agronomy best practices and methods for increasing cup quality.

Haile was president of the Ethiopian Athletics Federation for a time, and he founded the Great Ethiopian Run—a 10-kilometer race around Addis Ababa. He also organizes the Girls Run race in Addis annually, encouraging and empowering young women through sports.

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