An iconic timeless brewer invented in 1941

The Chemex has been one of the most popular manual pour-overs, its simple elegance and intricate brewing parameters attract both the novice and the expert coffee enthusiast as it brews a clean cup and maintains body and balanced floral notes.

Step 1. Boil water, and grind coffee

Boil 700g of water and weigh out 50 grams of coffee. Freshly ground is always best, and for Chemex grind it should be resembling sea salt.

Step 2. Put the paper filter and rinse well

Use hot water to pre-wet the paper filter and cap as rinsing gets rid of the paper taste, and also pre-warms your chemex.

Step 3. Pour coffee in the Chemex

Add ground coffee in the Chemex. Give it a gentle shake (This will flatten the bed, allowing for a more-even pour).

Step 4. Pour hot water

First Pour:
Zero your scale and start the timer. Pour water until it reaches 150 grams, work your way gently outward, and avoid pouring down the sides of the filter.

Second Pour:
After 45 seconds, pour water in a circular pattern starting in the center until you reach 450 grams.

Third Pour:
At 1:45, pour water in a circular pattern starting in the center until you reach 700 grams.

Step 5. Allow the water to drip into the bottom of the vessel completely.

Step 6. You're done brewing. Enjoy!

What you'll need

  • - Chemex
  • - Kettle
  • - Coffee grinder
  • - Scales
  • - Timer
  • - Coffee cup

Preparation time

3 ~ 4 minutes


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