Moka Pot Tiny, Italian-Made, Eight-Sided Wonder
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Moka Pot has been around through a fair share of kitchens and outdoor camping. It’s experiencing a resurgence lately, which is not a surprise due to its ability to produce a viscous, appropriately dense espresso with no electricity or fancy equipment.

What you'll need

  • - Moka Pot (Bialetti Jr.)
  • - Coffee grinder
  • - Scales
  • - Coffee cup

Step 1. Boil water, and grind coffee

Fill the bottom half of your Moka Pot with water and weigh out 20 grams of coffee. Freshly ground is always best, and for Moka Pot it should be fine just like for espresso.

Step 2. Put the Moka Pot's filter basket with ground coffee

Shake it to settle the grounds evenly then place it into the bottom compartment.

Step 3. Screw on the Moka Pot’s spouted top then place it on the stove

Set the stove to medium heat. When the water in the bottom chamber starts to boil, the pressure will push a stream of coffee slowly through the Moka Pot’s spouted top. You know it’s done when you hear a hissing, bubbling sound.

Step 4. You're done brewing. Enjoy!

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