• Huky 500T

    Hand-crafted for Specialty Coffee Enthusiasts and Professionals

Huky 500T Roaster (Pre-Order)

Huky 500T coffee roaster is growing in popularity among specialty coffee enthusiasts and professionals. Hand-crafted in Taiwan, regarded as a high end home roasters by coffee professionals all over the world; it can also act as a small batch commercial roaster capable of 500 grams per batch.
(*Production Lead Time: 45~60 days)

Roast Batch Capacity 150~500 grams
Drum Type: Solid Drum
Heat Source: Propane Gas
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless with Wooden Handles
Size (H x L x W cm): 40 X 20 X 35 cm
Weight (kg): 6 kilograms
Power 220V 60HZ

The Huky is an exciting roaster. It can roast samples down to 150g. It provides excellent data and control for home roasting or commercial use.

  • 72RPM Solid Drum
  • Propane IR Stove
  • Exhaust Hood
  • Temperature Probe
  • Cooling Bin Tray
  • Cooling Bin Funnel
  • Cooling Bin Fan
  • Center 301 Thermocouple Thermometer
  • USB Cable

How does it work?

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