Apple, Apricot, Toffee, Caramel
Small Holder Farmers
Very Dark
Recommended Brewing Methods:
Cupping Notes:

Fruity Dark Chocolate Caramelized Brown Sugar Apple Sweet Dried Fruit

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About this coffee

Prior to 1900 coffee was essentially a garden crop in Honduras, grown on small lots of land and traded within the country for internal consumption. Banana was king well into the 20th century. The eventual and gradual decline in banana production over the decades coincided with a slow but steady growth in coffee production. 

Today, Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America and among the largest worldwide, exporting more than 6 million bags. More than 60% of green Honduran coffee is grown above 1,200 meters and almost all on small to medium sized farms.

This blend was made by various micro-lot farmers to honour their recent achievement.

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