*Click the box with the "" icon to go into more specific flavor.

How to use the coffee taster’s flavor:

  • Start at the Main Flavors: The most general taste descriptors are near the main flavors, and they get more specific as you work invward. You can stop anywhere along the way, but the farther the taster works, the more specific the description are.
  • Study the Colors: The way foods look give us important cues to how they are likely to taste. For this reason, we often use visual terms to describe flavor: a coffee can taste “bright” or “red” or “green”. With this awareness, pay special attention to the colors as it can help you find a descriptor.

    For example: if you can only articulate “it tastes like a red fruit of some kind”, you can then scan the red-colored attributes on the table. “Something brown” might perhaps stimulate the awareness of spice or grain notes.