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Private collection

COMSA Manos De Mujer (200g)

"Almond, Papaya, Milk Chocolate"

Price: ₱750.00

Private collection

Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa (200g)

"Almond, Dark Chocolate, Lemon"

Price: ₱750.00

Private collection

Finca San Jose Del Lago Bourbon (200g)

"Pineapple, Baking Spice, Milk Chocolate"

Price: ₱750.00

Private collection

Guatemala ASPROGUATE Organic (200g)

"Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Nougat"

Price: ₱800.00

Private collection

Finca El Gobiado Orange Bourbon (200g)

"Honey, Lactic Acidity, Floral"

Price: ₱850.00

House Blend (200g)

"Rich, Cocoa, and Subtle Spice"

Price: ₱550.00

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Limu (200g)

"Lemon, Floral Tea, Citrus Fruit"

Price: ₱575.00

Aerin Espresso Blend (200g)

"Milk Chocolate, Dried Fig, Marshmallow"

Price: ₱600.00

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