Central America Tasting Kit

1 x 125g Costa Rica Naranjo La Rosa (Whole Bean)

1 x 125g Finca San Jose Del Lago Bourbon (Whole Bean)

1 x 125g Panama San Benito (Whole Bean)

1 x 125g Guatemala ASPROGUATE Organic (Whole Bean)

1 x 125g Finca El Gobiado Orange Bourbon (Whole Bean)

About this bundle

Central America Tasting Kit

Balanced, bright, and clean are the words most frequently used to describe some of our most beloved coffees, the “Centrals.” Central America, which spans from Mexico to Panama in the east, sits in the heart of the equatorial zone. The Bean Belt is often referred to for its near-perfect growing regions – soaring mountains, rich volcanic soil, old-growth forests, and predicable micro-climates. Given this near-perfect geography, it is no surprise that Centrals consistently rank among the world’s top coffees. Unlike many other types of coffee, Centrals also has the unique quality of being extraordinary single origins and beautifully compatible with most blends.

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